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    Ever since he was a kid, Bradley has been enamored with show business.


    He grew up in tiny Farmington, Missouri, the son of the local dentist. Unfortunately, Bradley had no interest in filling cavities and no understanding of how to milk a cow!


    So where else was there for this small town boy to go, but to follow a dream and head to Hollywood.


    Since transplanting to Southern California nearly two decades ago, Bradley has worked his way up and down and all around the industry, both in front of the camera (in films, commercials and even as a Universal Studios Tour Guide), and behind the lens (as a director, editor, and writer). His most bizarre job along the way: Electronic Lizard Eyeball Manipulator. Don't ask!


    Bradley's greatest creative joy, however, developed when he discovered still photography.


    The creation of Playbox Studios has brought focus to a diverse career in the entertainment business.


    Over the past 20 years, he's passionately snapped hundreds of thousands of shots of actors from the child newbie to the seasoned working actor, comedians, authors, executive, families...and everyone in between.


    Photography coupled with the success of Playbox Studios has taught Bradley two important life lessons...


    1. You gotta love what you do!

    2. He'll always be a big kid at heart!


    Bradley's personal angle is this: Your Playbox Studios photo session is all about you. All he wants to do is capture it and make sure you have a heck of a lot of fun while you're at it!


    Even though Bradley didn't follow in his dentist dad's footsteps, one thing's for certain -- a photo shoot should not be as painful as a root canal, it should be more like getting a cool sticker or an awesome toy out of the kid's treasure box at the end of the appointment!


    You bring the looks.


    He'll supply the laughs.


    So come out and play with the biggest kid on the block... just don't forget to floss first!