• Policies






    -A preset block of time (depending on the session type) with Bradley K. Ross.


    -Between 50-100 prepped high resolution images per wardrobe outfit.


    - Hair & Makeup Styling (*Dallas Sessions only).

    -A password protected high resolution online gallery to view, share, organize, download high resolution images (one-at-a-time).


    NOT INCLUDED and NOT OFFERED by PlayBOX Studios:


    The following Products & Services are not included or offered by PlayBOX Studios, but they are available to purchase through outside sources of your choice after you have shot with us.


    - PRINTS





    We require that all clients electronically sign a booking form contract with us before any session can be scheduled. This agreement between photo subject (paying client) and photographer is to ensure that both parties are on the "same page" and that there is never confusion as to who, what, when, why and how we do business. The requirement is that photo subjects (paying clients) read, understand and agree to the policies listed on this page. Please be absolutely certain that the appointment you book online is the date you can shoot and that the style of photography you view on the PORTFOLIO page is the style you prefer (this will help avoid any confusion, unhappiness with your images, and or loss of time and/or money for both parties.) We want everybody that shoots with us to be happy with their images and have a truly enjoyable shooting experience.



    Due to our travel expenses and advanced arrangements for studio rentals per session and to keep everything on the up and up, we require a substantial booking deposit to reserve your spot in our calendar and these payments are nonrefundable. The remaining balance is due the day of your session. Please be absolutely certain that you have no conflicts before you schedule your session. Clients can book their sessions by visiting our website, checking our calendar availability in LA, Dallas, Lexington and Farmington, completing the Booking Form and completing payment. We accept all major credit cards. Once payment has been processed and a session is confirmed, the fee cannot be refunded for any reason. If you are an actor, please ‘book out‘ with your agent or manager to ensure your availability.



    We photograph intriguing, unique fun, and most importantly, artistic photographs. We do not shoot photographs that look like mugshots, driver's license photos or class pictures. When we say this, what we really mean is that we have a definite artistic style of posing, lighting and composing photographs (the way the subject 'fits' into the camera's viewfinder just before Bradley clicks away). We want you to be happy with your images. So it is extremely important for you to view our portfolio in detail and get a real sense of the style Bradley shoots. We don’t take anything personally if you do not prefer our style. Not everyone likes the same photography and we cannot please every single person 100% of the time. This is why we want to be clear that before you schedule a session, be certain you like what you see. There are a plethora of other photographers out there who shoot all kinds of different ways. If our style is not to your taste, that is okay. We personally love it, but then again, tastes in all art forms are very personal. Some prefer abstract to realism and vice a versa. A good analogy would be comparing a factory made wooden chair to a photographic portrait. The chair can be made only one way and it will always look the same. A photographer can shoot a photograph of a person a million different ways.To be more specific about our style, when we are shooting a medium to close-up shot of a subject, this style will pretty much always include:



    In our humble opinion, this is part of what makes our photographs rock! If we were to keep the tops of subject's heads in the frame in these shots, they would not have our look and feel. We have had to add this bit to our Policies recently due to some confusion over the absence of tops of heads. If we were to frame the shot to include the top of your head, it would end up looking like a mugshot or a cheesy class picture that would go in a high school yearbook. It would be boring. And we do not do boring. It's important to understand that we are in the business of artistic expression. And that expression is subjective. Not every person likes every type of art, so please look over our portfolio and make sure you like what you see and understand what you are seeing. If you like our art and are ready to have it expressed with you or your kids in the actual images of our cameras, then please continue on. If you still have concerns, please give us a call for a more detailed explanation. This is how we choose to "do it' and it has seemed to work pretty well for us. In our opinion, the 'top of your head' is not as important as how the photographs affects you when you look at them for the first time. And we want that effect to be of pure amazement at how handsome or beautiful you are.



    We do not shoot every single photo with what is called flat lighting. We love flat lighting, but thats not all we love. We mix it up a lot, depending on the day, the person, the look you are trying to achieve. Theatrical lighting can include more dramatic shadows on one side of the face and/or back lighting (lighting that might fall on the hair or side of the face). Please check our portfolio for examples and be sure this style fits into your needs.



    Please do not bring a check or ask us to take a check as final payment. We ended our relationship with checks a few years ago after discovering that some checks fibbed about the actual funds connected to them. It's taken a while to heal from this very unhealthy relationship, but we have in fact moved on with our business life and feel very good about it. Our relationship with cash and credit cards is as strong as ever. :)




    We have been traveling with our photography gear (ready to rock it) for the past 6 years and been quite successful with the operation we have setup and used consistently.


    Here's how we do it:


    We fly into your destination city on a Friday.


    We shoot all day long on both Saturday & Sunday (from 9am - 7pm)


    *Session times are blocked off every 2 hours (9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm). Because we make certain we shoot in studios that have more than enough space to move around and hold several bodies, we schedule 2 separate clients during each time slot and go back and forth between the two (while one client is changing into a new wardrobe outfit or working with the makeup/hair stylist, we shoot the other and vice versa). It always works splendidly and have had nothing but amazing results when we work this way.


    We then fly back to LA on Monday and begin prepping to perfection all of the images from everyone's session.


    *Session images from a destination shoot usually take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete and upload to a personal gallery.



    We require at least 72 hours (3 business days) notice to reschedule any LA session.

    All DALLAS, LEXINGTON and FARMINGTON sessions are final and rescheduling is not allowed. So please, please, please be very sure that this date works for you and/or your children.

    *If you or your child are actors, we request that you contact your representatives and "book out" for the time you are scheduled with us. If you decide you cannot make your session, it is considered a cancellation and you will lose the money you have paid so far.





    If you "forget about the session and don't show", you "show up late and we don't have time to shoot", or for some silly reason "you decide that you've changed your mind and don't want to shoot with Bradley anymore," you will forfeit your full paid session deposit fee and your remaining balance will become $0.REFUNDS/CREDITS: We do NOT offer refunds or credits of any kind for any reason.



    If there happens to be one of those rare, out-of-nowhere, technical malfunctions during the session and the images become unsalvageable or the shoot cannot continue, a free reshoot will be offered and scheduled as quickly as possible. We do not offer reshoots for any other reasons.



    If you are booking a session for a Child, we require that you or another grown adult accompany your child to his/her session and help supervise at all times. We also ask that if you bring ONLY the child being photographed.