Sooze Johnson


    "When a casting director recommends a headshot photographer - you listen.  I certainly did!  I have been using Bradley K. Ross as my preferred headshot photographer for the past 5 years, and his images have consistently improved my talent's audition and booking rates.  Bradley can acutely sense the authentic characters within actors, and he infuses that personalized skill into every session with passion, attention to detail, and an overwhelmingly fun sense of humor.  His range of composition and style diversity is also top notch.  On a case by case basis, the varied looks and styles he captures for each of my actors provides me with the tools I need to specifically market them, which in turn, helps them book the job.  There is no one else I know of who can shoot an exceptional headshot in any space, with any light, every single time."

    Alex Morawec


    "I have been using Bradley K. Ross for over fifteen years now and not only do the pictures that he takes come out great, but he really has a special way of getting out the personality of anyone he shoots!  I would have to say that every one of my clients who has shot with Bradley gets a great response from casting directors with the headshots which in turn results in multiple auditions and bookings. Today, when there is so much competition out there among actors, you really need a photographer who can tak pictures of your clients that stand out among the crowd and Bradley K. Ross is second to none!"

    Jeromy Apody


    "I've been sending talent to Bradley K. Ross for years and his professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic cannot be beat.  He has an amazing ability to capture the personalities of his clients through the camera's lens."

    Dana Fletcher


    "The reason I recommend Bradley K. Ross to my clients is not only because the experience each client has shooting with him is positive, but also, he truly knows how to capture the essence of each person he photographs."

    Matt Fletcher


    "A 'Bradley K. Ross Heashot' gets the attention of the casting director, making my job as the agent easier to get appointments!"

    Amber Horn Casting

    Casting Director

    "When I see a PlayBOX Studios' headshot come accross my desk, I know it immediately because Bradley's photos have such a beautiful and clean style and more importantly they're so geniune. When I bring an actor in to audition for me, I'm always excited to see that the actor that walks in the door is the actor I see in the headshot.  I can't tell you how important that is.  His photography helps actors get seen by people like me, which is the whole point!"